What did Polly wear?… Polyvore Vintage Chanel

What Goes Around Comes Around revealed their new Vintage Chanel collection this past week (check out HL coverage). Inspired by some double C’s, I constructed a few collages based on vintage Chanel handbags on this amazing site Polyvore.com.  Here are a few of the looks I came up with (as well as the one above).

Vintage Chanel no. 1, Sabrina Chapman, made on Polyvore.com
Vintage Chanel no. 2, Sabrina Chapman, Made on Polyvore.com

What is polyvore? Polyvore.com provides a unique shopping and creative experience. The user can scan the database to shop, purchase online, build virtual shopping carts and creative inspiration boards with their finds. Also, the user can share their ideas with an internal social networking system as well as link to facebook, personal blogs, and twitter.

Polyvore is the largest fashion community site in the world.

Recent statistics (2.1.10) of Polyvore:
6 million unique visitors per month
140 million monthly page views
1.2 million registered users

It’s like the virtual version of collaging from cut-up Seventeen Mags and Vogue, string fibers, highlighers and pastels. But even better, it’s free, you won’t have rubber cement goo fingers, and you can share with all your friends and even enter contests sponsored by the Barney’s.

Get Creative and try Polyvore for yourself. http://www.polyvore.com and check out their blog for cool updates. http://blog.polyvore.com/

A great in-depth story about Polyvore by Alexandra Jacobs in The New Yorker: Fashion Democracy