Ready, Set, Go!: The Haute 5 Jogging Routes in Dallas

Wow, am I glad we have evolved from the ‘80s speed-walking craze.

Jogging (or “yogging”? It might be a soft “J”) has become quite the customary sport around the neighborhoods of athletic Dallasites. The gear has progressed, from the running shoes to the iPod playlists, to the fact that you are now confident enough to run without the T-shirt (speaking specifically to male “yoggers” here.) But as a blogger jogger, I think it’s time to list the Haute 5 places in Dallas to increase that heart rate, blare that Beyonce and think about how haute you look in those teeny-weeny short shorts….talking to the ladies now, sorry fellas.

Katy Trail

So centrally located you can walk there to run there. Katy Trail, popular for its proximity to Southern Methodist University, is known for its scenic views of the historic Dealey Plaza (aka the grassy knoll) and the mansions surrounding the affluent Turtle Creek area. Bonus: End up at a great Irish pub for a congratulatory pint on your best recorded run.

Approximately 3.5 miles. Jog on at the American Airlines Center in Dallas

Trinity River Audubon Center

With nine miles of trails, butterfly gardens and an incredible near 800-foot vantage point, this “slice of the hill country” lies just 20 minutes from downtown Dallas. The trails include Overlook Trails, Wetland Trails and Trinity River Trails, to make sure every runner of every distance (and depth) is satisfied.

Approximately 9 miles of trails. Jog on to 6500 South Loop 12 in Dallas

Campion Trails

Although popular with cyclists and in-line skaters, there’s plenty of room for joggers on this 12-foot wide concrete path in the Elm Fork area of the Trinity River in Las Colinas’ Urban Center.
The trail runs past historical sites and behind a polo field, so there’s a good chance you’ll see some equestrian jogging as well.

Approximately 3.5 miles. Jog on at Royal Lane south of I-635

White Rock Lake Trail

Possibly one of the most popular jogging locales this side of the Mississipi (according to Dallas natives, but beware bikers and people pushing strollers,) White Rock’s nine-mile stint is a perfect getaway spot just east of downtown Dallas. The lake is gorgeous, ducks and fishermen line the coast, and for a moment, you might find yourself in an entirely different part of the state– until you stop at Keller’s on the way back for a beer and burger.

Approximately 9 miles. Jog on off Mockingbird Lane in Dallas

Duck Creek Greenbelt Trail

The perfect bird watching trail, the Duck Creek Greenbelt is a leisurely jog for the novices (and the lazy Sunday morning joggers, admittedly I am part of this club.) There are a lot of nature paths that wander off the paved path for wildlife enthusiasts as well, starting from the Audubon Recreation Center.

Approximately 3 miles. Jog on at Duck Creek, North from Oates Road in Garland