Bliss Out at the W Hollywood

Has the whole Icelandic volcanic eruption thing put a crimp in your travel plans? Here’s an alternative: get Bliss-ed Out at the new W Hotel in Hollywood. Sure, it’s right off of Hollywood Boulevard and the Walk of Fame, but once you step into the hallowed halls of the Bliss Spa, all that folderol will melt away. The Bliss Spa menu is rather extensive (and the spa is close to 6,000 square feet of luxurious pampering), so if you can’t decide, general manager and British import Glenn Dellimore will steer you in the right direction. Here’s a couple of favorites though, just to point you in the right direction:

The Triple Oxygen Facial: This facial now starts with a skin-type-specific peel cherry-picked by your technician, then follows with a pre-extraction oxygen wrap, the necessary extractions, application of Triple Oxygen cream and mask, an energizing, hydrating enzyme pack and a vitaminized oxygen spray. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your face, literally.

Your Go-To Aesthetician: Kenny Milstead. Not only will your face look fab, he’ll be your therapist, your confidante, and your entertainment.

The Ginger Rub: For this one, you had better clear your calendar for the rest of the day. First you get a brisk rub of freshly-grated ginger root and warm detoxifying essential oils, a cozy warming foil wrap, a 20-minute soak and a 100-minute body-melting massage. Yes, that’s right, 100 minutes.

Your Go To Massage Girl: Coco. She may be just less than five feet tall, but she’s got the hands of a soothing Swedish linebacker (yes, it does sound strange, but it’s totally true).

As for the spa itself, of course it’s done up in the coolest of hues and designed to calm your nerves while shutting out that Hollywood din. Who knows? You may dig the vibe so much you just check in for the weekend.

Bliss Hollywood, 6250 Hollywood Blvd.; 877.TO.BLISS (877.862.5477)