Wake Up Your Makeup, Spring Is Calling!

During winter months, if you forget (mon dieu!) to moisturize your skin, it can feel like someone’s nipped and tucked your face into oblivion because you can’t seem to smile or look surprised without something feeling tightened. In this ever-so-tricky transition into spring, here are some of the best skin treatments to add to your daily skin routine – they’re especially useful for recuperating that gorgeous punim while you’re traveling.

We all know about the wonders of La Mer and SK II, but for those whose wallets would stage a coup if you spent over $200 on a cream, try the NV Perricone No Foundation Foundation ($50).  It moisturizes and acts as a one-color-fits-all foundation that brings out the natural tones in your skin making you look all dewy and glowy and like you’ve just stepped off a beach in Spain.

Its very important to protect your skin from the sun – thank you, Mom – and there are a host of products that act as moisturizing and spf double agents.  Which one is the best? We’ve got two we love and adore: the simple 1-2 punch of Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 ($19) and La Mer’s The SPF 18 Fluid Tint ($65).

Lastly, if you’d rather get all this “work” done while you sleep, your best bet is to try Kinara’s Nighttime Skin Quencher ($80).