Spanish Chef Jose Andres Mid-Life Crisis

Famous avant-garde chef continues to play with New Yorkers’ hearts, as he has now announced that he promises to open a New York version of his Spanish kitchen before he hits his mid-life crisis at 45. He is 40 right now.

New Yorkers were already internationally deprived when the other famous chef, Adam Melonas, a native from Australia called off his plans to open up a restaurant in the city of skyscrapers. Hopefully Jose Andres goes through with his promise and opens up a bistro soon, because New Yorkers are getting hungry for his famed cooking.

He claims that he is working on an American concept type of restaurant to open up in the United States. But, he lives outside of Washington D.C. Isn’t he Americanized already?

He already owns several restaurants in the D.C. area. What’s he waiting for? New Yorkers are hungry and tired of eating sushi. They need some Spanish spice in their lives.

But, if you really can’t wait for this chef to hit the town, you should at least calm yourself with a good Tomato and Bread salad. Here, he shows you how to do it – the Jose Andres way.

Bon Appetit!

Chef Andres Shows You How