Haute Eating: 10 Questions for Chef Jesse Schenker

Have you ever wondered if chefs create menus with food that they actually love to eat themselves? With Chef Jesse Schenker of recently opened Recette, which sits tucked away on a quaint corner in the West Village, that is absolutely the case.

Chef Schenker, who once worked with Gordon Ramsay at The London NYC and then owned a popular private dining company aptly named Recette (which means recipe in French), has undoubtedly created a menu of items he loves: carefully thought out snacks and small dishes, from a variety of cheese (accompanied with jam and bread), charcuterie (foie gras terrine, prosciutto, e.g.), to more substantial plates such as crispy sweetbread with escarole and brown butter or branzino with beluga lentils and parsnip pureé. This shareable, mix and match menu is suitable whether you’re hunkering for a multi-course meal or just want to nibble on some marinated olives with a specialty cocktail like the Plaisir that contains Bombay gin, lime, basil and tonic.

Recette is that quintessential Village restaurant, best for an intimate dinner (i.e. a great date place): cozy and candlelit with food that’s sophisticated, modern, and ever evolving—food that Schenker loves to cook, and eat.

Haute Living: How has it been switching from private dining to public?

Jesses Schenker: Crazy, a lot of work, going from prepping one table a night to many while keeping the same level of standards and quality is a challenge but extremely rewarding.

Hl: What are some of your favorite dishes at Recette?

JS: The Hamachi with Uni and blood orange and jalepeno; the Pork Belly with Rock Shrimp and sherry caramel; Sweet breads with brown butter, lemon and capers

HL: Where do you like to dine when you’re not working?

JS: Since Recette has opened, I am always working but prior, I was a regular Craftbar. I like the street vendors, Peasant and Yakitori Toto.  I also love sushi.

HL: What’s your ideal meal?