Brittany Murphy’s Home for Sale

Property opens up in the West Hollywood area as Sharon Kathleen Murphy, mother of the late actress Britney Murphy, is listing her daughter’s home for $7.25 million.

Murphy bought the home originally for $4 million.  The home is perched on 1.29 acres of Hollywood hills and offers an amazing view.

For potential buyers, it is important to note that this home belonged to two starlets, Britney Murphy as well as Britney Spears.

The home features a spacious 8,000 sq. ft and is located on the tail end of Rising Glen Road.  The property features a Mediterranean style home equipped with custom pool, oversized garage, and a long winding drive way.  With an elegant design, the home is sure to attract many of our readers on the West Coast considering such exquisite properties are often hard to come by.

There is some controversy surrounding the sale of the home because of Murphy’s shocking death inside the home itself.  Some also speculate over the relationship between Murphy’s widower Simon Monjack and her mother Sharon.

For those potential real estate buyers on the West Coast interested in a beautiful home with boundless views, this might be an amazing opportunity.