Upper East Side Neighborhood Safest in the City

The median cost of homes in the Upper East Side are estimated at over $2.6 million, but these pricey neighborhoods offer more than just a luxurious lifestyle. Stretching between Central Park and the East River, the Upper East Side is home to some of the city’s richest residents and safest neighborhood.

Current research has shown that the area between Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue., from 77th Street to 84th Street, have the lowest crime victim rate in the city. And according to nydailynews.com, this wealthy section of the Upper East Side ranks as the safest neighborhood in Manhattan.

In 2009, NYC reported the lowest crime rate, per capita, in America; thus making it the safest large city in the country. Decreasing by 4 percent from 2008, the city’s crime rate surpassed the decline of the national crime rate, which was reported at only 2.5 percent.

NYTimes.com compares safety on a wealth scale, and despite the cities recent decrease in crime rate, neighborhoods of lower wealth standings are at a greater risk of living unsafe lifestyles. Neighborhoods with more money and wealth can afford safety precautions including 24 hour security.

Crime is, and has been, an issue throughout the city. But the overall drop shows the cities improvement.  And please remember haute New Yorkers, using common sense can help decrease crime rates and keep the numbers dropping. Here’s to a safer tomorrow for everyone.