Tonight’s Grand Opening: Fraiche

Fraiche Santa Monica is looking forward to the grand opening of their new bar and lounge.  The location offers the finest in décor, and guests will enjoy dining on finely finished wood tables and chairs complete with a vast array of burning candles to provide the most intimate lighting for an elegant dinner.  Dark and rich colors engulf the bar and lounge offering a warm setting to enjoy meals and cocktails. The grand opening event will actually be a fundraiser for the Concern Foundation, an organization that works diligently on cancer research.

The inspiration for the dual celebration comes from co-owner Keith Fox’s daughter, Olivia, who just last year battled cancer in her leg. Due to her own personal strength coupled with amazing medical attention, Olivia emerged victorious from her deadly battle.

Owners, Keith Fox and Amir Ohebsion hope to provide their guests with an experience worthy of praise while enticing helpful donations.  Olivia will also be walking the L.A. Marathon a day before the race in order to garner attention for the Concern Foundation. Her example will likely serve as an inspiration for all victims of cancer because her survival, as Ohebsion describes it, was miraculous.

As part of the fundraiser, Fraiche Santa Monica will introduce a house specialty drink labeled Olivia’s Crush.  The drink consists of organic blackberries, vodka, acai, house-made ginger syrup, mint, and Prosecco all in honor of the beautiful and brave Olivia. The cost of this fabulous cocktail is $20.  The money raised will go toward the Concern Foundation in hopes aiding more survivors like Olivia.  Entourage star Kevin Connolly will be part of the prestigious crowd who, along with many others, will be attending tonight’s festivities.