Dim Sum Dining: The Haute 5 Chinese Restaurants in New York

To many, the thought of Chinese food may conjure images of greasy takeout, splintery chopsticks, and less than health-savvy ingredients. If that is the case for you, you haven’t tried any of the restaurants on our list. The restaurants below offer exciting dishes made of mouthwatering ingredients and served in impeccable style. In fact, many of them have helped redefine Chinese food as some of the hautest fare around.

Mr. Chow
When Michael Chow opened his first restaurant in New York on 57th Street in 1979, the Studio 54 crowd flocked there for the food. Today, Mr. Chow’s remains a celebrity scene and diners will likely find themselves seated next to high profile fans like Tom Cruise, Robert DeNiro, and Madonna. Michael Chow, who was born in China and raised in England, has created a menu that bridges the East and the West. He also redefined upscale Chinese food by introducing Beijing cuisine (formerly the food of emperors) and mixing that with Shanghai influences as well. Chow opened a second New York location in Tribeca a few years ago. The hip downtown location features the art of Andy Warhol and Julian Schnabel. World renowned, award winner Executive Chef Li Hong oversees the menu, which includes popular dishes like Chicken Sate, Beijing Duck, and Ma Mignon.

Mr. Chow’s is located at 324 E. 57th St., (212) 751-9030 and at 121 Hudson St. in Tribeca, (212) 965-9500.