Sundance Swag: Sky Suite Talent Resources Party

This year’s Sundance Film Festival saw many celebrities and fabulous parties. Perhaps the best party, however, was the one hosted by Talent Resources at Sky Suite. The vibe was immediately electric upon entering, with the runners dressed in American Apparel sexy leggings with silver stars. They also wore comfortable and warm luxe boots, to keep their legs and feet cozy as they escorted celebrities around to receive their gifts.

One idea that made a splash was’s website. The way it works is that you find a gift, enter your recipient’s mobile number or the item’s retail number, attach a note, and then your friend or store location can receive the message with a special Giiv code. Their local retailer can also deliver their gift. Giiv is truly the modern way to give gifts. It also helped serve those that felt a little overwhelmed by walking around with numerous bags during the festival be productive without the hassle. Kloe Kardashian used to send a message to her husband Lamar Odom back in LA.

Stephanie Pratt from The Hills took the time to give back to Haiti Relief efforts. In fact, many celebrities took it upon themselves to make donations to Haiti, while also stopping to reward themselves. Tom’s shoes were a best seller. My personal favorite product was the Eos organic lip balm, as the overall feel and packaging still makes me smile. Their shaving cream was also pretty amazing. It made my legs feel smooth and moisturized, especially for being on high altitudes all day long, which can sometimes dry your skin.

It was also a great time to watch the DJ spin, who was hired for the entire day. Nobody went hungry while taking bites from the cheese platters and sipping on Bustello Coffee to stay awake for the ongoing, long night of partying.