San Franciscans Have a Heart

It’s been said that a little wine is good for the heart, right? Well San Franciscans certainly believe that, and thank goodness they do!

The 2010 Celebrate With Heart gala took place on Feb. 4, at The Four Seasons Hotel. Just as it does year after year, the important event tremendously helped benefit the San Francisco American Heart Association.

The wine fundraising event is one of the city’s most successful events, and this year’s was no different. The event gave participants an opportunity to taste fabulous wines, meet fascinating people, and most importantly, support an extremely important cause that affects millions nationwide, 71 million to be exact.

This year’s focus was on childhood health, according to Gala chair and Chairman and CEO of Visa, Inc., Joseph Saunders, He reiterated just how important alleviating childhood obesity is and of course, helping to continue research for the American Heart Association.

Paula Kornell of Oakville Ranch was the head of the wine committee, playing the fabulous position and title as Wine Committee Chair. Kornell had a hand in choosing some of northern California’s finest wineries to participate in this year’s event. Blackbird, Robert Mondavi, Tamber Bay, and Swanson are just a few of the wineries that donated their time, wine and of course, their support to this year’s successful event.

Not only does the American Heart Association fund research, they also fund public education and community programs to ensure that Americans are aware of just how important and extreme of an issue this all is. So despite the great choice of wines being served during this annual gala, attendees were more concerned with the bigger issue at bay; improving and promoting the heart health of people everywhere. Congratulations to the San Francisco American Heart Association for another successful gala and for choosing to make a difference!