Net-A-Porter Expands Inventory With First Lady’s Favorites

In the film, Field of Dreams, a looming voice states, “If you build it, he will come.” When it comes to the current fashions women all over the world are fawning over, the mantra would be more appropriate like so: “If Michelle Obama wears it, they will buy.” One of the biggest brands to have garnered the informal endorsement of the closely watched First Lady is J.Crew, the chic brand that has pleased both the fashion editors’ eyes and the American woman’s pocketbook. Its chic offerings made in sumptuous cuts and fabrics and accessories (along with their brilliant children’s line Crewcuts and wedding boutique) are fashion forward without being overbearingly trendy. Now, with the help of online retailer, Net-A-Porter, women everywhere will be able to scoop up some J. Crew. Starting in May, Net-A-Porter will be offering J.Crew on its site to its international customers (currently, J.Crew only sells domestically). The site will carry selected items as well as exclusive items in specific colors and styles only available on the Net-A-Porter website.