Elton John’s Life in Ballet Form – Coming Soon!

Only in our wildest fantasies do we see the world the way Elton John likely does.  With colorful costumes, fantastical choreography, and some lithe Canadian dancers, though, we may be able to find out just what the world looks like through his eyes.  In a new collaboration between Elton John and the Alberta Ballet, the story of Elton John’s life will soon be set to music.

His life, which has been notoriously rocky, will be put on display with all its ups and downs.  The LA Times reports that everything from his “struggles with coming out and the depths of his past drug addiction” will be in there with his enormous successes.  The ballet, called Love Lies Bleeding, will feature 14 songs written by Elton John alongside Bernie Taupin and is set to pen May 6 in Canada with choreography by Jean Grand-Maitre.  The grand responsibility of setting the stage and costume to fit the life of such a whirlwind character has fallen on the shoulders of set designer Guillaume Lord and costume designer Martine Bertrand.  Life will rarely look as fabulous as it will on this Canadian stage come May 6 – faults, falls, flings, and all.

On a side note and speaking of lives of whimsy, Celine Dion has announced her return to Caeser’s Palace in Las Vegas for a three-year run! For all those who missed her last shows in Las Vegas and listened to “My Heart Will Go On,” wistfully thinking of an oasis of Celine in the desert, patience is a virtue.  She’ll return in 2011 (March 15, to be exact) and she’ll perform some old classics as well as new songs sure to be fan favorites.