Koons to put the “Art” in “Art Car”

BMW is known for many things. Great engineering, beautiful design, horsepower, etc. One of its well-known trademarks, their Art Car Program, is making a splash yet again as BMW announces Jeff Koons as the maker of the 17th Art Car.

BMW’s Art Car program is simple: invite a famous artist to use one of their pristine autos as a canvas for their next piece. A selection of art cars were exhibited at Grand Central Station in New York last March, and Koons’ soon-to-be creation will follow in their treads. In creating an art car masterpiece, Koons himself will follow in the human footsteps of Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Stella, and Jenny Holzer.

Koons admitted to Forbes that he has been vying for the opportunity for years. As was expected, he was eager to start once BMW finally gave him the go, according to BMW’s communications big wig Thomas Girst in the Forbes article.

Koons typically employs about 120 assistants to aid in his works of art. However, a Koons crony has said that Koons plans to make this a solo project.

The announcement was made in Koons’ Manhattan studio, and plans to unveil his automotive work of art later this year, according to Mediabistro.com.

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