Jimmy Choo Celebrates Style and Success

Jimmy Choo and Jennifer Siebel Newsom recently hosted a party celebrating Jimmy Choo’s new line as well as Newsom’s documentary titled Miss Representation. The lavish event took place on Feb. 18 at the Millennium Tower located at 301 Mission St. in the always-trendy San Francisco area.  The event was a success as guests adorned in chic and classy looks while enjoying drinks and other celebrations.  The location was as classy as the guests were; the penthouse featured dark toned floors, sleek furniture, and an overall modern feel that blended perfectly with the Jimmy Choo image.

Guests viewed Jimmy Choo’s new line in women’s shoes; the line features heels and flats in a wide array of styles and colors ranging from glossy red for the party girl to smooth black for the more formal appearance maker.  As always, Jimmy Choo guarantees a stylish and sensational shoe for every woman and this line does not falter on its promise.

The design company appropriately labeled the line Choo 24/7 as it offers a collection of heels and flats for any occasion, armed with this selection of elegant shoe wear no debutante could go wrong.

The party was invite only and guests were required to R.S.V.P.  Proceeds from the event went towards Miss Representation.org, the website for Mrs. Newsom’s non-profit documentary portraying successful women across America.  The film intends to battle against stereotypes and hopes to demonstrate how women can be premier players in anything from politics to acting.  It was definetly an extravagant night intended to celebrate not only upscale women’s fashion but also the success they’ve has as strong leaders in various industries.

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