Fashion Week Runs on Diesel

Fashion Week 2010 started off with a bang as the Diesel Black Gold Show unveiled its ready-to-wear fall 2010 collection. In a way, it marked the start of a new era inside the fashion house. Led by new creative director, Sophia Kokosalaki, Diesel turned things around with a fresh, new look.

The usual, rocker style, outfits the famous brand is known for were shaken up with a cleaner, more focused look. Not to worry Diesel fans, Kokosalaki made sure to keep the creativity and rockin’ spirit the brand stakes its reputation on.

“I wanted to infuse technique into the clothes, but still have them maintain that rock ‘n’ roll soul inherent to the brand,” said Kokosalaki, regarding the new look.

The theme of the show seemed to be leather and denim, a classic combo Diesel is known for. The two beloved materials were infused to  form of skinny trousers, little dresses and, of course, the classic jacket. Denim worked its way in through shirts, vests, and skirts.

We applaud Diesel’s solid effort, as they managed to hit the refresh button without sweetening it up or watering it down for its die-hard fans.

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