$7,400,000 • San Francisco, CA

2140 Jefferson is a tasteful combining of two houses that discreetly becomes part of the beautiful park that embraces The Palace of Fine Arts.

Wherever one goes, one finds the passionate and intelligent work of the world-renowned architect/builders, Remick Associates. Originally designed for a family that loved life and fun, the house is a warm and wonderful place to live whatever your needs.

The rooftop penthouse and large deck not only overlooks the park but you can also watch the Golden Gate Bridge and the ever-changing bay in all its splendor. Inside the rooftop penthouse, state-of-the-art interior design blends all one might need for either a fun-filled evening with friends or to meditate alone under a big sky.

Below the penthouse, the upper floor comprises of two beautifully designed master suites, a gracious bedroom and a stunning anigre paneled study. Here, the design celebrates the individual needs of an entire household. Each room offers privacy and a generous living space combined. Curved bay windows skillfully reflect the circular sweep of the Palace of Fine Arts showcasing views of lawns and a lake where swans glide through the reflection of the magnificent neo-classical pillars.

By delightful contrast, on the next floor down we enter the great family room, kitchen, living and dining room inter-connected in an open plan that showcases the whole sixty-five foot expanse of the house. Here is a social area full of interesting features: from a large balcony deck fully equipped with a barbeque overlooking the park, to an alcove adjacent to the family room for creative projects.

Yet another world awaits on the ground floor. Next to the large garage, separated by a small hallway and stairwell leading up to the kitchen, sits a large, self-contained living area with en-suite kitchenette, bath and walk-in closet. The room opens out through French doors onto a small, beautiful private front garden that sits beside the park and gracefully joins the charmingly landscaped front entrance.

This is more than a home, 2140 Jefferson Street is a many-faceted jewel ready to be lived in and treasured.

Offered @ $7,400,000

Contact Richard Sax @ 415.3453060 or rsax@pacunion.com. Or visit www.2140jefferson.com