The Second Coming of Hatfield’s. We’re Ready.

While we got some not so wonderful restaurant news this week when El Bulli chef Ferran Adria announced he’d be temporarily closing his Spanish sanctuary of molecular gastronomy for all of 2012 and 2013, we’ve also got something a little more local to look forward to.  The second coming of the Michelin-starred Hatfield’s is upon us.  Not to be dramatic or anything, but we’ve been waiting for this.

When they closed their doors for “renovations,” foodies all throughout the City of Angels began to softly cry foul – they thought perhaps Hatfield’s had closed for good.  Not only were the “renovations” real, in a way we’ve gotten two restaurants out of this move.  Eva moved into their old, smaller location, while Hatfield’s ready to officially open Monday, February 1, took over a space on the area of Melrose just near Highland.  Now a truly covetable corner with the Mozzas (Osteria and Pizzeria) and Susan Feniger’s Street nearby, the new Hatfield’s is outfitted with geometric patterns, clean lines, a new bar and lounge area (the other location was much too small), and a new capacity for tasting and prix-fixe menus.

Here’s some even better news – the reservation lines are officially open!  By clicking onto Open Table or by calling (323) 935-2977, you can get one step closer to tasting Karen and Quinn Hatfield’s new menus – shes responsible for sweets while he takes on the savory.  We’re thinking one night here, the next night at El Bulli in Spain?