Ralph Lauren Goes to Switzerland

In the small ski resort of Gstaad, where the population tolls up to 3,000 a year, royalty and globe trotting jetsetters will be pleased to hear of the new shop that has recently taken refuge in a three-story parochial style space. Yes, my dear fashion mavens, Ralph Lauren has arrived in Gstaad. Taking the iconic Americana style over to the snowy region, Ralph Lauren will join the ranks of a selection of the finest designer’s to grace the upscale haven. Snow bunnies can rejoice in finding collections such as: Ralph Lauren Collection, Purple Label, Black Label, Blue Label, Polo and RLX Ski. In addition, the watch collections: the Ralph Lauren Stirrup, the Ralph Lauren Slim Classique and the Ralph Lauren Sporting will be available for purchase as well.

The new store takes on more of the Disney meets Winter Wonderland effect for the fashion forward. Take the exterior for example; centrally located the architecture exudes the vibe of the local alpine chalets. Stroll in to find the classic Americana décor: Navajo rugs, antique furniture, and artwork- reflecting both the brand’s Americana style and the boutique’s natural Swiss mountain setting. Adding to the excitement are plans for a second boutique in the luxe Gstaad Palace Hotel.