President Obama Surprises First Lady With Birthday Bash

Michelle Obama celebrated an early 46th birthday at Restaurant Nora in northwest Washington on Saturday with about a dozen of their closest friends, including Eric and Cheryl Whitaker and Marty Nesbitt, who all flew in from Chicago for the occasion.

The First Lady was treated to a surprise birthday dinner and public serenation Saturday night at Restaurant Nora in Washington’s Dupont Circle. This was quite a change from last year when she celebrated her 45th traveling from Philadelphia to Washington as part of Barack Obama’s inauguration procession.

Chef Benjamin Lambert prepared a special lamb dish for the birthday girl, as well as seared Maine lobster and saffron risotto, complemented by organic wine, a 2008 Spottswoode Suauvignon Blanc. Lambert told The Washington Post that he’d been planning for the presidential meal for two weeks.

The famous locale, known for their commitment to organically grown food, hosted the first couple, the first lady’s mother, Marion Robinson, Attorney General Eric Holder, White House Adviser Valerie Jarrett and Jocelyn Frye, who is a domestic policy adviser to both the president and first lady for about four hours. Upon leaving the restaurant, about 50 bystanders standing outside treated Mrs. O to a round of “Happy Birthday.

Mrs. Obama, whose birthday was actually Sunday, wore a dark, knee-length dress with a black overcoat on top. The coat had a goldish-metallic criss-cross pattern from about the waist down. President Obama was dressed casually with no tie.

Via: Washington Scene