Here’s Mud In Your Eye! International Wine Festival Comes To Hollywood

You’re never one to shy away from a glass of wine.  Once it’s been poured, you staunchly believe, there should be nary even a glass of water on the table.  On January 23 at the Renaissance Hotel, there will be plenty of opportunities to empty your glass, just like you did on vacation in Rome.  Same with your vacation in Brazil, South Africa, Spain, and Australia, for that matter.

From 5 – 8pm, you’ll be able to relive the tastes and smells of all those destinations and more at the International Wine Festival.  K&L Wine Merchants have hand picked wines to represent all of those countries and more for your reminiscing pleasure and for $60, you’re afforded unlimited samplings as well as bread and cheese to make sure you don’t get as drunk as that first time you sampled a bottle of Chateau Margot.  The one country not represented? The United States. With wines hailing from both the new and old worlds, you’ll be able to taste offerings from Israel and New Zealand just to test your palate to see how adventurous it can be.

The International Wine Festival will be held at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood on Saturday, January 23 from 5-8pm.