Got A Pen?

Tibaldi and Bentley have joined forces to create a high-end fountain pen so luxurious, it purrs like a Bentley.

Inspired by the interior of the gorgeous Bentley Mulsanne, the dynamic writing utensil glides with a roller ball and has a small window to measure ink levels. With the pen’s solid 18 carats of yellow gold and rhodium and ruthenium covering, your handwriting will get noticed…even if the penmanship isn’t all that great!

The cap and the upper and lower parts of the pen’s barrel feature the etching and engraving technique known as knurling, which is found on handles, shifters, media systems and buttons of Bentley to ensure a secure grip. So no matter what your handwriting may be like, when you have Bentley behind your pen strokes, you won’t be that far off from a high-end and precise signature.