Cartier Reaches a New Caliber of Quality

When you think of flawless watch making, you think of Cartier. Well, here comes another: the famous watchmakers have released a new, darn-near-perfect line, called the Cartier Caliber collection.

The Caliber collection has Goldilocks saying it’s just right, measuring a perfect IMO-42 millimeters. The watch line includes Cartier’s Calibre MC 1904, which they say is, “the first self-winding mechanical movement crafted entirely by Cartier.” If that’s not innovative, we don’t know what is.

It’s safe to say Cartier is reaching for the stars of establishing itself as a serious watchmaker that is more than merely just fashion, and we’d say they’ve reached it. And just in time too: their line was released on the first day of Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Geneve, going on January 18-22. For those who don’t know, SIHH is an uber-important watch exhibition that is now running on its 20th year.

At first glance, the Calibre collection strikes a subtle balance between power and finesse. Its powerful lines, robust case, and novel structure all indicate a Manufacture watch with a strongly defined character. The bezel that embellishes the case also plays on contrasts: smooth and polished on the exterior, it becomes increasingly dynamic as it approaches the case.

There are three variations of the Caliber line: the Caliber in black with a white dial, a black with a black dial, and a pink gold and steel face. The question now remains: which to choose? It’s Sophie’s Choice all over again.

Via: Perpetuelle