Book Your Stay With The Hotel Cinematheque

For those of us not attending the start of Sundance this weekend, the glamour of the film festival has not eluded us.  A glimmer of cinematic hope remains and it has little to do with Utah.  Customizable and jet setting-friendly, Hotel Cinematheque is a genius new way to curate your own global film festival.

A collaboration between Design Hotels and international film website The Auteurs, Hotel Cinematheque aims to prove that little goes as well together as cinema and hotels.  Using a theme from the hotel or its location, the two companies will work together to make sure you can escape from the everyday from the minute you make your booking.

Every two weeks, Design Hotels will announce the latest film to hotel pairing.  The current marriage is Paris’ Kube Hotel with the film Love Song.  From January 29 through February 11, the Sofa Hotel in Istanbul will meet the Turkish film, Climates, followed by Rivers and Tides paired with the Cosmo Hotel in Berlin from February 12 through 25.

Once you book your hotel stay, you’ll get a secret password that allows you to watch the film in full, high quality streaming video on the website – officially starting your holiday early by getting you in the mood.

The best way to go about this? First, check your bank statements to make sure you’ve got some money to burn.  Then, take a look at the upcoming films (they only give you a few at a time) and voila you’ve got a film festival!  And while we’re sure Park City is beautiful, we’d much rather watch films that take us to Istanbul, Paris, and Berlin.  You be the judge, where do you want to go next?