Bag Bling Unleashed! Fendi Presents Plexiglass Clutch With Swarovski Crystals For The Bejeweled Bag Lady

Looking for a dazzling and unique gift that merges your special lady’s two favorite things, gems and handbags? You’re in luck. For $5,790, treat your bagaholic sweetie to Fendi’s glamorous Plexiglass clutch with Swarovski crystals. She’ll be simply dazzling sporting this season’s huge trend of Lucite and Plexi.

With fresh design and strategically placed missing crystals where your hand/thumb and forefingers would hold the clutch, this dazzling conversation piece boasts two sheets of Swarovski crystals. Additionally, for a night on the town, it comes with a detachable chain strap.

Snag yours at Fendi New York or call (212) 759-4646.