Armani Dolci. Chic Chocolates in Time for Valentine’s Day!

When Giorgio Armani speaks, you listen.  Just as a general rule, when he speaks about chocolate, you’ll want to hang on his every word.  So in April, when he opened Armani Dolci on the third floor of the Giorgio Armani store in New York, you began planning your expedition to the promised land.

Now, with Valentine’s Day on the horizon and fast approaching, we’ve found something that you’ll either want to just buy yourself or hint and nudge at with your loved one – Armani’s Valentine’s truffles.  Little red boxes decorated with a heart in the center, the chocolates contain gianduia cream with hazelnuts and they come in a sweet box wrapped in red silk paper and tied in a bow with a suede cord and sealed with a small heart.

Available in any Armani store, this gives you a whole new reason to just pop into the shop with your significant other.  Not that you really needed one.