An Oriental Getaway

Need an exotic getaway? Aman Resorts has opened their 24th luxury development in Hangzhou, China.  Located 20 minutes away from the center of Hangzhou, the retreat sits in a hidden valley among fields, temples, and plenty of bamboo. Formerly the home of tea farmers, the buildings contain 16 rooms, 21 suites, and 5 villas, all of which are very distinct and cozy.

Over the rooms are delicious eateries, an indulgent spa, and an adorable little Tea House, allowing guests to sit on the tea grown in the surrounding fields called Longjing (Dragon Well) Tea.

Rates begin at $333 per night, and are available through April 30. After this date, they go up to $580 per night, so reserve a spot now and visit their site.

Via: Luxury Insider