Adios, Imax

Put away those 3D glasses and kiss Imax forever goodbye. Panasonic has developed the world’s largest 152-inch 4K x 2K definition full HD 3D plasma display. Featuring revolutionary new technology, it delivers an overwhelming experience to viewers reproducing 3D content. Talk about high definition!

This sure isn’t your ordinary tube. This gorgeous entertainment machine is touted to be an ultra-large, 4K x 2K quadruple full HD plasma television. With self-illuminating plasma panels and crosstalk reduction technology for crisp 3D viewing, you can really bring the movies to life.

The highly anticipated 152-inch 3D 4k HDTV by Panasonic is set to launch and you can be sure it’ll be a best seller among movie buffs and techies alike. No news on the pricing yet, but let’s be honest, with how hard we’re all working these days, we could all use a little zoning out 3D style.