What Would You Do With This City View?

The historic property listed at 2901 Broadway for $45 million has garnered a bit of attention lately with cleaver ideas as to the best use of the backyard space. We’re sure that the 31st U.S President Herbert Hoover and his wife who first took hold of the deed for the land in 1912 might roll over in their graves at the suggestions that the backyard be turned into a skate park fitting for the likes of Tony Hawk, as would the California architect who first envisioned the four-story residence, Henry Clay Smith for industrialist Milton S. Ray.

Today the Renaissance mansion in Pacific Heights, fashioned after a palazzo in Fiesole, Italy offers all of the grand features that one would expect from such an historic estate, including a grand hall, ornate plaster moldings and trim, sparkling chandeliers, winding marble stairway, seven bedrooms, five baths plus a powder room, and roof access with panoramic views of the city that we hold so dear.

So even though Tony Hawk turned his own backyard swimming pool into a 4,000-square-foot skate park, and Bob Burnquist built a mega skate park when his neighbor sold him the 7.6-acre lot next door, we’re wondering what the new owners might do to enhance the elegance that is 2901 Broadway.

Via The Front Steps