Trump’s Tampa Troubles

A month after being sued by 25 former condo buyers at the Trump Tower in Tampa, Florida, entrepreneur extraordinaire, Donald Trump, has sued four men accused of missing payments as part of the legal settlement.

Donald Trump’s legal woes over his Trump Tower in Tampa, Florida are still lingering on, and the celebrity entrepreneur is holding steady against his opponents. In papers that were filed last week, the New Yorker sued current and former principals of SimDag/Robel LLC: Frank Dagostino, Robert Lyons, Patrick Sheppard, and Jody Simon for payments which were allegedly missed as part of a legal settlement over the licensing deal which went bad a few months earlier.

For a man who undoubtedly knows how to strike a deal, as evident by his many successes, Trump also appears to have a knack for finding himself in legal dramas. Perhaps a natural repercussion of his level of celebrity and wealth, Trump tends to power through each battle with the same business candor throughout. What’s somewhat striking about this current situation, is that Trump is reportedly seeing the four individuals for missed payments of $13,448 apiece, which may sound somewhat petty for a man who has millions, but while some say “every penny counts,” for Trump, perhaps “every ten-thousand counts.”

Trump lent his name to the Trump Tower in Tampa in exchange for half the profits. The project is a proposed 53-story luxury skyscraper which was never built. SimDag lost the riverfront lot to foreclosure in July, which was approximately when Trumps Floridian legal drama started.