The Magic Prediction

Basketball legend, Magic Johnson, predicts that Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James will be packing his bags and heading to the big city.

Former basketball star and Hall of Fame point guard, Magic Johnson, has been making some predictions in regards to where young Cleveland Cavalier star, LeBron James, will be headed next, and his sights are set on New York City and the Knicks. Johnson believes that James will decide it’s the right time to head to the city “that will inspire you,” in due time, but first Johnson is hoping that Knicks team president, Donnie Walsh, will entice James by first “signing a marquee free agent such as Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudemire.”

When asked about his gut feeling for the future of James, Johnson said, “I think he’s going to go to New York. There’s in the lead, they just have to make it attractive for him. LeBron will come to New York if he knows they’re going to win…” But having someone on the radar is crucial to luring in the Cavalier, according to Johnson, and South Florida’s Dwayne Wade apparently isn’t that critical factor. “Him and Wade can’t play together, I don’t’ care what he says, because they both dominate that ball.”

Johnson is putting a lot of faith in James to revitalize the Knicks, noting that “you got some of the best basketball fans in the world, and now you could be responsible for bringing the championship back to New York. Now, it’s going to take a few years, because you still have to add more pieces. He’s got more talent in Cleveland, but he can do more incredible things in New York.”

It’s likely that with James’ determination and undeniable presence on the court, he would be a critical component to any team, but being surrounded by the right players and management can work wonders on a player. Johnson’s only advise for James is “Where ever you go, sign for three or four years, and then look at the situation.” In the meantime, all eyes are on Walsh to see what kind of magic he can work to make Johnsons predictions come true.

Remember in middle school when you thought picking teams for gym class was tough? Think again.

LeBron James
LeBron James