Sushi or not Sushi: 5 New York Sushi Restaurants Not to Miss

Sushi Yasuda

The New York Times called it “sublime” and “transcendent”; Time Out New York praised it for its “Perfection”; Travel and Leisure listed it in “America’s Best Sushi”. It’s safe to say the critics love Sushi Yoda.

Chef Naomichi Yasuda oversees a seasonal menu that he is constantly adjusting. He flies fresh fish in from all over the world and gets it domestically when he can. He also happens to be a sushi expert and you can choose from over half a dozen kinds of tuna fattiness. Yasuda uses both big-eye and blue fin tuna (Call Woody!).

Situated in the east forties, the restaurant is a convenient spot for lunch after your meeting at J.P. Morgan Chase Headquarters or the UN. From the outside, Sushi Yasuda looks like any other midtown restaurant. Inside, the simple sleek décor (the space—including the sushi bar—is made up entirely of bamboo) lets the food do the talking. And it does.

Sushi Yasuda
Sushi Yasuda

 204 East 43rd Street between Second and Third Avenues.