New Year’s Returns to New York

With yacht charters and fractional jet shares dwindling as a prime way to celebrate this particular New Year, the party returns to those favored international destinations that shine extra brightly on the biggest party night of the year. Moscow, London, Miami, and New York top the list as the scene for this holiday season. But its not just the cities in themselves that are attracting the haute jetsetters of the world, it is the transporting of venues to the magnetic locales that is the trend this New Year’s Eve.

First up is Simon Hammerstein’s mysterious move of relocating his nightclub the Box to Moscow, Russia. Hammerstein, with his vision of a worldwide chain, has adapted the club to the new scene as less raunchy than the original American version, but still enticing enough to dip into the hefty bank accounts of the headline-grabbing oligarchs. Also shifting city scenes this New Year’s is New York’s Bungalow 8, announced by Amy Sacco in an e-mail announcing her plans to throw a Vegas-themed party in there at the London locale. She also made sure to mention that fans should be on the lookout for the Big Apple return of the legendary venue during February’s fashion week.

Despite the hordes of celebrities who have scheduled the MIA as their destination of choice, largely due to Lady Gaga’s anticipated performance at the Fontainebleau, there are still several diehards vowing to take in all that NYC has to offer this year. Goldbar’s 12 downtown tables have already sold out, with prices starting at $2,000. The Boom Boom Room is expecting their Courtney Love performance to pull in quite the audience also, as tickets went on sale Friday from $250 to $1,000. So join Sacco in London, Hammerstein in Russia, and, all of the beautiful people in Miami if you want, but we’ll be keeping our eye on New York.