More than $100,000 in Gratuities Missing

Restaurateur, Nello Balan, is being accused of illegally swiping server’s tips. The “diverted” amount adds up to an impressive $100,000. Now that’s some good service.

Nello Balan is the owner of Madison Avenue’s Nello restaurant, and just a few months ago he was reportedly arrested for beating his girlfriend, resulting in a 26-week long domestic violence course instead of jail time. This time, however, Balan is gracing our screens due to news coming from New York City claiming that Balan is allegedly responsible for “losing” more than $100,000 in restaurant staffer’s hard-earned tips. Balan and his business partners are all being sued over the claims that indicated the group “diverted” more than $100,000 a year in gratuities.

Papers were filed in a Manhattan federal court that has four ex-employees claiming a portion of their tips went to Balan’s daughter, his driver, and managers who refused to share their own “handshake” tips from diners.

Lou Pechman is the lawyer that filed the suit. Pechman is known for his recent record breaking court antics when he settled a similar case from Sparks Steak House for $3.15 million.

Despite all of this, Balan has been reported as saying the claim against him is “totally false.”

Via: New York Post