Make Holiday Treats Last

This holiday season, if you receive lots of chocolaty gifts, here are some ways to make sure you keep them fresh. You wouldn’t want such decadent treats going bad, would you?

Firstly, the best place to store chocolate is in a cool, dry, dark place-like a pantry. It has to be cool enough not to soften the chocolate but not so cold like the fridge that will make it harden and condense. Condensation dehydrates chocolate and downgrades the texture and flavor, and can also cause “sugar bloom,” white or grayish spots caused when the sugar rises to the chocolate’s surface. Yuck!

Secondly, chocolate absorbs smells and flavors of the foods stored with it, so although it doesn’t necessarily have to be kept in an airtight container, you might want to seal it up if you’re going to store it in a pantry with with other food items.

Third, fine chocolates and those with fillings, should be eaten within a few weeks to a month for the best flavor and texture. When stored properly, milk chocolate could actually last up to a year and dark chocolate, even longer.

Via: Luxist