Haute 5 Brunches in NYC

Le Bilboquet
Where it all began

A stay in New York by the power elite is not complete without a visit to Le Bilboquet. Adjacent to Roberto Cavalli, the tiny green awning storefront may seem a bit intimidating to the non initiated. However, owner Philippe Delgrange is perhaps the most charming host in all of New York. He will make you feel you have been there a hundred times before. It is the original brunch of New York, after-all the party started here.

Making his petite restaurant a haven for non publicity seeking celebrities, owner Philippe has forbidden paparazzi, reporters and Page 6 citations since the restaurants inception. Among many, Eric Clapton, F1 Driver Michael Schumacher, bike racer Jan Uhlrich, financier Ron Perelman (lives across the street) consider Bilboquet their New York lunch room.

Still one of the only restaurants in the world that has never had their name on the facilities, Le Bilboquet is known by those who count. In all corners of the World “where should we meet in NY” the answer is often “Bilboquet … of course.”

Le Bilboquet
Le Bilboquet, 25 E 63rd St, (at Madison and Park) New York, NY 10065