Defying the Odds: Virgin Galactic

Looking to defy the odds and soar above the mere mortals who cannot outsmart gravity? Sir Richard Branson can help.

Sir Richard Branson, recently profiled on the cover of Haute Living Magazine, is stepping up his already-extremely-high game, and when I say stepping up, I mean stepping way up. Branson unveiled the world’s first commercial space vehicle last week to a crowd of 800 in California. I can just hear all the former boys and girls who dreamed of being an astronaut, but ended up sticker to lower ground, jump for joy.

The package that includes the space vehicle also encompasses three days of training, which includes g-force acclimatization and a fitness assessment. The journey starts with a two-hour, sub-orbital space flight, however a secondary launch at 50,000 feet propels SpaceShipTwo to Mach 3.3 in 30 seconds. Talk about whiplash.

After this stage of the journey, the space craft slows considerably and settles at approximately 68 miles above the earth, where passengers can enjoy zero gravity and an unbeatable view of the planet below. There is an initial deposit of $20,000 for the package, however by the end of it, passengers will be putting down $200,000 for the experience.

The package is only available in 2011, but an invitation card into space is certainly bound to be a fantastic stocking stuff when the time comes.