A Holiday Education

You’ve booked the perfect spot for your holiday party and you know just what you’re getting for everyone on your list.  Unfortunately, there’s more to surviving (er, enjoying) an haute holiday season with flair.  And thus, a holiday education with everything you need to know to become a true domestic god or goddess this season.  In January, you can go back to ordering out and buying books and candles as presents.

What to wear… First, dressing for holiday parties can be challenging.  For young folk, and the young at heart, WhoWhatWear.com has a solution.  For gentlemen hoping to make a dapper statement, you can learn to tie a bow tie here once and for all.  Accessories often make the outfit – the shinier the better, we (and Vogue) think.

What to bring… Heading to a party at your friend’s place?  Let the other revelers bring the Chardonnay.  Here’s a list of the most chic bottles of Champagne that will make for the perfect bubbly toast.  If you’ve been bragging about what a whiz you are in the kitchen, you’d better deliver.  Luckily, BabyCakes in NYC (coming soon to LA) has a couple of baking and frosting videos sure to help you whip up sweet treats in no time.

How to decorate… You’ve made the generous (erroneous) move of inviting guests over to your place this year – be it for a cocktail, dinner, or a week-long stay, you’ll need to make sure your house looks as festive as possible.  Here is a clever way of making a creative, personalized wreath yourself.  (And another!) If DIY isn’t your thing, Elle Décor has some uber-chic, easy tips to decorating your abode.  They’ve even thought of ways to make your house look as little like Martha Stewart’s as possible.  Lastly, to stock up on bottles of wine for your home cellar, head over to Venokado.

Stay hydrated.  When in doubt, just smile and nod.  And remember to say “Happy Holidays” – there are so many different religious and spiritual affiliations in LA, it’s the only way to stay diplomatic this season.