South Beach Riviera Guest’s Get Insider Access to Art Basel

It’s that time of year again, and no I don’t mean Christmas. Art Basel is fast approaching with an array of events and parties. The Riviera South Beach offers an enhanced experience this year with a special Art Basel Insiders: VIP Kit.

For anyone who has taken on the fun, yet exhausting task of attending as many events as possible during Art Basel knows that is best to book a room close to the action. Doing so saves a lot of time shuttling back and forth from the main sight (The Miami Beach Convention Center) and offers a comfortable insider’s experience. The Riviera South Beach is offering some great insider tips by booking a room during December 3-5.

Local art collectors Alan and Diane Lieberman, who modeled the hotel with art in mind, own the Riviera. Lieberman is a member of the Art Basel host committee, and the couples are very involved in the art community. The luxe boutique hotel has an air of classic sophistication.  Maintaining the air of a South Beach 1940s vibe, the hotel also boasts a chic modern feel and spacious suites that create a perfect oasis for a South Beach retreat.

What better way to enjoy the art exhibits during the day and hit the parties at night than staying in a spacious apartment-like suite with all the accommodations you need to recharge each day? As a bonus the Lieberman’s are offering their expertise on Art Basel with an Art Basel Insider: VIP kit for its guests. The kit includes handpicked suggestions for the best exhibits and invitations for Art Basel’s best events, perfect for the Art Basel neophyte or even for those seasoned art lovers who would like some extra tips.

Via: Hotel Chatter, Venere, Luxury Insider