New York Calendar Listing: Banners of Persuasion

WHO: London-based art organization has created the Banners of Persuasion exhibition which will be premiering at the James Cohan Gallery.

Banners of Persuasion exhibition of Demons, Yarns & Tales will be premiering at the James Cohan Gallery featuring hand-woven tapestries created by thirteen internationally renowned artists, including Gary Hume, Francesca Lowe, Paul Noble, Fred Tomaselli, Gavin Turk, and Kara Walker.

After being shown at The Dairy, London and at Miami Basel, the exhibition is now traveling to New York and will also feature a small-scale exhibition of drawings and other relevant works by selected participating artists.

The inspiring tapastries include fictive landscapes, architectural abstraction, fashion, flora, and the politics of race, gender, international conflict, and the environment. The exhibition will be accompanied by an exclusive catalogue published by Damiani which will include an essay by Sarah Kent as well as beautiful studio portraits and interviews with each artist about their journey through the unknown world of Tapestry.

WHEN: January 8, 2010 through February 13, 2010

WHERE: The James Cohan Gallery, New York City

HOW: For more information, contact Jane Cohan at (212) 714-9500 or