High-end Developers Court Russian Billionaire

When it was confirmed that Russian billionaire, Mikhail Prokhorov did, in fact, put a hefty sum down to help fund the New Jersey Nets new stadium, real estate developers nearly fell out of their seats at the potential to  grab a new client.

High-end Brooklyn condo developments are vying for Prokhorov’s attention, and they’re not being very subtle about it.  As you can imagine, sealing the deal with one of New York’s most eligible billionaire bachelors could mean a pretty commission, and great publicity.

Two condo mangers in particular have been pulling out all the stops in the real estate courting battle for Prokhorov. One manager is responsible for the famous $25 million Clock Tower penthouse at One Main Street in Dumbo, the other is manager of a $7.5 million Brooklyn Heights penthouse at One Brooklyn Bridge Park. Both managers have reportedly been in touch with Prokhorov’s representatives to pitch the units to him.

It’s reported that the managers of both properties are digging deep to try and find selling points to pitch to the billionaire. Ok, so “digging deep” might be an overstatement, as the managers are referencing Prokhorov’s love of partying (which is widely reported) as one of the main selling points for their properties. “You don’t get any better than a 1,000-square-foot roof deck…to hold parties,” says the manager of One Brooklyn Bridge Park.

But don’t dismiss the Clock Tower’s party appeal quite yet. The developer notes that his property is unrivaled in its party potential. “The second I heard Prokhorov was buying the Nets, I knew this space was made for him because he’s known for throwing some incredible parties.”
No word on which, if either, party home has grabbed Prokhorov attention. The only thing to do now is to let the courting continue until Prokhorov makes the final call.

Via: The Real Deal