Gothic and Fabulous

Donna Karan has just made every rocker-chic, envelope-pushing, fashion lover’s wildest dreams come true with the release of her new Jewelry Chandelier leather pouch bag, complete with chains, studs and everything else hardcore. The bag gives off the ultimate dark, bad-ass vibe while still remaining elegant and feminine, a trick only Karan can do with such talent and ease. The bag was created in collaboration with Juniper Rose, a New York-based jewelry designer. It features various sizes of chains, a mesh metal trim with transparent crystal studs, silver-tone and bronze-tone metal chain fringing, and multicolored Swarovski crystal-studded fringing. Kudos to looking fabulous but still looking like you don’t give a damn! Now, that I’m all for!

You know what the perfect accessory is for this intriguing bag though? I can tell you this much, it involves live music and a shaggy-haired, sexy man, that’s for sure. Hello backstage passes and hello rocker boyfriend! The bag can be worn either across the body or by the concealed handle, making it as versatile as it is cool. So, though in my fashion book the Jewelry Chandelier bag is perfect for a performance of an evening, the most beautiful thing about it is that it can be worn and worked at just about any type of gathering and outing.

The chic bag has a price tag of $2,300 but unfortunately, and I do mean very unfortunately, it’s sold out at the moment. But as soon as the new shipment comes in, I wouldn’t waste any time running out to get it because it’s sure to be on hipsters’ wish lists everywhere.

Via: Luxury Launches