Curving Out a Niche

Apparently all of his hard work is catching more than just the discerning eye of a curious consumer. HGTV sought out the innovative duo after finding photos of one spectacularly crafted kitchen in the Traditional section of their website and urged them to enter their contest, a submission that earned the creation recognition as “One of America’s Top 10 Amazing Kitchens on HGTV”.

“It was quite an honor that they sought us out and invited us to enter the competition, and even more so that we were selected,” he said. “That was actually one of the most complicated, intricate projects I’ve ever done. There was so much hand carving in those curves. There are 11 moldings between the ceiling and the baseboards and the backsplash actually slides over and disguises an appliance garage, a cubby space to hide things like toasters, toaster ovens, coffee makers, juicers—the type of stuff that you need to be able to access easily, but usually turns kitchen countertops into a cluttered space.”

As their business and artistic inspiration continues to expand, more accolades are sure to follow. What was once just a dream imagined by few hopeful people in a 1,000-square-foot showroom has flourished, tripling in size, and creating an elite team of visionaries in the process that have succeeded in making the world a more beautiful place, one curve at a time.

Kitchen Expo
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La Jolla, CA  92037