Catherine Malandrino Puts Stamp on Cointreau

We are pleased to offer you very special sneak peek at the first ever limited edition bottle of Cointreau-as interpreted by French designer Catherine Malandrino. “There is no better iconic symbol than the Statue of Liberty and the timeliness of the reopening of the torch to embody the dual identity of this French/American Cointreau bottle,” she says. The bottle, which will retail at $200, will only be available for sale between October 2009 through January 2010.  We are confident that this bottle will be one of the hautest gifts for this upcoming holiday season.

In 1920, Cointreau, a liquor based on sweet and bitter oranges, crossed the Atlantic ocean to bring its delicious aromas to the trendiest American bars. Very soon, Americans took to this startling liquor made in Angers. Like the untamed spirit of France, it surprised them when its transparency became opaque in contact with the ice, its sweet flavor took on a surprising strength of character and, when mixed in cocktails, it gave that little “twist” that nobody had dared to imagine before.  As a result, it became the essential ingredient for outstanding cocktails.

Catherine’s vision was to combine the “energy of  Manhattan with the romance of Paris.”  It has shoulders like a smoking jacket, amber colored like a deliciously chic and timeless evening dress, bearing its label like a flag.  The Cointreau bottle is a challenge to the codes of the fashion world, because it has hardly changed for almost 160 years. From a simple bottle, Catherine has turned it into a chic accessory and a fashion investment. To “dress it up” and offer even more pleasure, just one name stood out as the obvious choice: Catherine Malandrino, the French designer inspired by the great and beautiful America.