An (Old) New Friend: Bastide

Bastide’s long awaited reopening now comes with even more buzz.  Not only have they announced their new chef, but recently they also set a projected opening date (December 1st).  A year ago, the pre-fixe only haven of French cuisine shuttered for one of a number of rumored reasons.   The new Bastide will be bistro-style and will likely share the space with Assouline books, which publishes the only worthy coffee table books not published by Taschen.

Now, about that chef – they’ve selected Joseph Mahon, formerly of 208 Rodeo and Sona.  While the name of the restaurant and the pastry chefs are still being hotly debated, Joe Pytka, who owns the joint, and Mahon are putting together a menu that promises more a la carte options than its previous incarnation.  We’re confident that the quality of the cuisine on offer will stay much the same as before, though.