$11,716 Funeral Invitations fit for a King (of Pop)

Supposedly, achieving near-perfection is all about the right details and, strangely enough, that even applies to your funeral. Now, while I can appreciate that we would rather not think about our own funeral’s details, there are reports out that Michael Jackson’s recent funeral was indeed a reflection of how the King of Pop lived his life—with close attention to detail, and limitless bounds when it comes to perfecting every situation.

The funeral for Jackson was nothing short of pure opulence and the family stopped at nothing to make Jackson’s memorial one for the books….the check books that is. At the superstar’s private funeral, his family was allegedly sent some steep bills, including one for $35,000 for “burial garments,” $21,455 for food, $1,975 for wardrobe, $2,000 for usher costumes, $16,000 for flowers, $30,000 for cars and security, $15,000 for a funeral designer, and $3,682 for a framed picture of the legendary singer. In total, according to reports, the lavish funeral cost an impressive $1 million.

But perhaps most shocking (is anything really shocking in Jackson stories anymore?) was the bill that appeared from the funeral invitation designer, Karen Jewell, which totaled $11,716. Jewell is a professional calligrapher whose website notes, “My experience in defining and executing the mood of your special day is my area of expertise. Because of my unique personalized service, you will have the experience you have always dreamed about. In short, I can connect with your desires and satisfy your budget at the same time.” That’s some budget the Jackson’s had.

Via: Gawker