Welcome to the Neighborhood

The residents of Los Angeles neighborhood Beachwood Canyon are getting new neighbors; a couple which surely have the tired community buzzing with gossip and animated conversation. Replacing rambunctious past residents, Lindsay Lohan and her “lady friend,” Samantha Ronson, are Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, or “Speidi” as they’re more commonly referred to in the media. Just when the “normal,” or non-celebrity, residents thought they were finally rid of the flashing cameras and truckloads of stalking paparazzi, the couple made their welcome home debut, leaving those once relieved thoughts and emotions somewhere in the far distance.

But surely not everyone in the area is discouraged by the coming of the new neighbors. Teenage girls living in close proximity are thrilled to the extreme and feel as if they’ve died and gone to “Hills” heaven. I can already hear the excited squeals and conversations in school. But the parents of these excited teens may take a different tone when discussing the latest gossip around the water cooler in their places of work. Complaints of crowded paparazzi-filled streets and multiple invasions of privacy will surely be on the discussion panel at some point.

I wonder if anyone will make them a “welcome to the neighborhood” basket, one filled with baked goods and a multitude of sweet, sugary confections. One thing is for sure, if you’re thinking about going the extra mile, you better look your best because you may just end up on the next episode of “The Hills.” If playing Betty Crocker for a few hours is worth getting a glimpse of the celebrity couple, then be our guest. If I had a 14-year-old begging for me to do so, I may have to take one for the “Speidi” team and get those cookies baking away. When it comes time to deliver the goods, just be ready to sign the consent form while the 15 MTV cameras are filming in preparation for the next episode.

Via: Shelter Pop