Harvard < Fame

Though some of you may have not yet heard of budding essayist Min Lieskovsky, she is making a name for herself as quite an enigma—though she’s a Harvard alumnus, she seems barely impressed with the corporate fruits that bear themselves to Harvard grads—really all she wants is to be famous.

Lieskovsky is seemingly getting her wish, as she now appears on the iconic “Page Six” and as a blogged about interest on Gawker.  But really, the attention comes across as quite bittersweet—despite being the new arm candy for Salman Rushdie, the social-climbing Lieskovsky has quotes aflutter about being “addicted” to male models (she literally wrote a piece for ElleGirl magazine entitiled “How To Date a Male Model”), considering herself a “fox,” and lofty aspirations like being “Angelina Jolie’s assistant in Cambodia,” among other gems.

One refreshing element Liesovsky evokes is unapologetic honesty.  While people may have mixed reviews about her opinions, she is unabashed in presenting them to whoever will listen.

Via: NYMag, Gawker