The Tyra and Martha Factor of Fashion 26

Fashion 26—A Wyndham Hotel is set to open its chic doors this winter and the flocks of stilettos bee-lining for it are already clicking to the tune of a fashion success. The location, and name, are  a good indication of what aspect of New York’s reputation this hotel is looking to represent.

Just south of Midtown, Fashion 26 has nearby attractions fit for any fashionista, stylist, designer, or even just your run of the mill creative and fun-loving individual, really. Colorful and contemporary, the hotel is close to the Museum of Sex, Madison Square Park, and Macy’s Herald Square, but perhaps its most significant inspiration is the Fashion Institute of Technology which is right next door.

In fact, as guests will be able to see this winter, the entire hotel is inspired by the eccentric neighborhood. According to the hotel’s website, details include a “front desk constructed with cast iron legs from a sewing table, an ingenious art piece made of colorful thread spools, room keys that open with the wave of a hand using radio frequency technology and themed cupcakes upon arrival.”

Besides all of the lavish accessories, Fashion 26 is also half a block away from where Tyra Banks films her talk show and less than half a block away from where the Martha Stewart Show is filmed. Apparently, these are important features, and frequently asked questions, in regards to the hotel, and they were even featured on the official hotel website.

So, if you’re looking to bump into Tyra or Martha, as apparently many people inquiring about Fashion 26 are, then get ready for your stay at the hotel fit to fulfill any fashionistas fantasy.

Via: Hotel Chatter